we haven’t written

as much as we hoped for

but that’s okay.

what really matters

is the time we shared.

the laughter.

As this semester went on I realized that being present was more important than my knowledge about writing. Of course being competent is important, but what is more important is being able to be a body in a room, showing up and spending quality time with the kids.

the essays revised

& revised again

& eventually completed & ready

to submit to colleges & teachers

who just want to see

that their students are trying.

Another thing that I realized is that I really enjoy helping students with their academic work. I was not expecting this since I usually tend to be more creative than analytical.

felt impressed by all of the kids

really. their humor & imagination

the way that they keep trying

i hope to keep trying too.

My favorite part of this entire semester was the kids and how they kept inspiring me to be better, for their sake and for mine.

Audrey Bowers is a graduate student in the MFA Creative Writing program.

I certainly am hopeful that, even if in just some very small way, I’ve been able to make an impact on a student or students at Shortridge High School this semester. But the one thing I know for sure is that they’ve made a massive impact on me. This experience has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined it would; it’s showed me some of my strengths, some of my weaknesses, and helped me better understand how I think and what I believe.

Simply getting to know students coming from different backgrounds than myself has been eye-opening and helped me gain additional perspective. While I feel very fortunate to have attended the schools I have and gotten the many opportunities I have in life, it's always important to consider that many people don't have nearly the same opportunities as you. And that's not to say that certain types of experiences are better or more valuable, of course, but rather that a different perspective can help you understand and relate with people on a much better level.

As someone who’s pursuing a career in communications, my time at Shortridge has shown me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a communicator and as a listener. I’ve learned areas where I am a good communicator and a good listener, someone who’s able to process what their told and follow up, ask more questions, and use previous knowledge in future conversations. And I’ve learned areas for improvement, particularly when it comes to expressing myself clearly in a way that can be understood by who I’m talking with. My experience has helped me discover various areas for growth that I have.

The students at Shortridge, although mostly not intentionally, have taught me a thing or two about resilience, about pushing yourself to succeed no matter what others say, and about looking at the bright side of life no matter what you’re dealing with. This whole experience has been a valuable reminder to me that despite our backgrounds, our history, our geography, our life experiences, and our personal preferences, we all share many more similarities than we ever will differences.

Chris Brown is a senior Sports Media major.


Cause im running from nothing

Murderers drug dealers & dog fighters

Darkness blue red white sirens

Cut corners you and you crew runs

Dump guns in the house of Oscar

The growch Bang 1 Bang 2 Bang 3

Them clowns shooting at me

My leg cramped up. I stopped turned

Around to see the gun cocked pop so every

Thing stopped.


cover art by TI' ANYANA