Because I’m trapped within myself

Fighting for my life with no help

If I could run to you I would

But you left me but I understood

I was never enough for you

Even though I looked up to you

You stole my voice so I was silent

Hid my trust so I couldn’t find it

You destroyed my heart in the mist

Of the memory of our last kiss

Loving you wasn’t a mistake but

It is what it is


I’ve never understood love at all

You can barely touch someone

And then you fall

Maybe it’s those eyes

The hurt behind them

But even though it’s behind them

You want it gone

Who dares to hurt my enemy

My love, my foe, my energy

Who keeps pushing me so hard

We’re so close and so far

And we keep running in circles

Same old routine

Going back to being friends

We’re living the dream

We’re living the nightmare

Surviving each other

We’ve gotten what we deserve

And it's completely unfair

Running up and down

Questioning what is and isn’t good grounds

What’s solid

What’s smooth

What’s soft

And what’s rude

You? Oh of course not

You’ve done nothing wrong

Oh wait

There’s that and this

And we forgot about jack little ish

Not really

But what’s better than a cold dish

I mean what’s better than a nice diss

Because we’ve been down for forever

We leave whenever

We still continue to see

The good in all that’s shamed

Loving the betrayed

So much that we have it framed

On screen and it’s so pretty

And entertaining

Nothing needs an alt

It’s not anyone’s fault

It’s anyone’s reason

There’s no season to look forward to

Because we’re all just kids learning something different every day

Everything is brand new

We just have things we get used to

Bitches and Bulls

Live the same lives from different views

And different social cues

The same goes for rainbows and darkness

Different goodness we harness

Picking sides a good white lie

Truth to abide by and something to deny


What looks hood and checkable

What looks good and acceptable

What looks rich and all these neglected people

Oh yea that, oops...🙊


I do what I want

And I’ll say whatever

Save it for later

I’ve got it together

I’m my own person

I don’t care who I’m hurting

There’s no changing what I am

I’m reckless and foolish you say

But everything is falling into plan

You’ll mock me

You’ll despise me

You’ll admire me

You’ll desire me

I’m all that you aspire to be

I’m all that is required of me

So be a little fool

Follow the man

Just be his tool

Don’t beg for my acceptance

When you don’t want to follow the rules

I’m the apple of the devil’s eyes

I’m crazy, unpredictable, and wild

You’re always in for a real surprise

Whenever you’re dealing with the

Dark Child