Please don’t save me

You’re not the hero

Never there from the get go

The reason why I’ve been alone

Why I don’t want to live anymore

Don’t tell me you love me

Or ask why I never consulted you

Cause all that time I hoped that you

Would notice

I prayed that you’d hear my cries at night

Or asked if I felt alright

And be able to see my pain through my smiles

All of that fake love

I’m over it

If only you had tried to understand

But you pushed me then forced my hands

And I

Never meant to hurt nobody

But when you’ve got nobody on your team

You fight for yourself

And you never get help

Even with a good heart

I’ve made some people bleed

I wish I could take them back

And handle all of that with the right mindset

Having time not wasted

So don’t you dare try to save me

Cause when I was lost

You were sleep

Left me in my nightmares while you dreamed


cover art by STELLA


Cause here’s the truth

You don’t understand all

You’ll let God’s given gift

Just slip and fall

Through your hands

Thought you’d catch me when I’d fall

But you gon be so hurt when I leave

All over.....

Sum’n that ain’t even half my worth


Let's fall in love

Feel the instance

The past

The future

With our feelings

Open up

Feel every wind

Touch the light

Then go through every season

Every broken piece

Of us

Let’s fix it


Let’s fall slowly

At our tempo

Every instant spark

Let the fire grow

Every motion of what’s gone

Every notion of what could go on