Blk gurl in a white

Society, can’t be nothing

Behind me


Beyond me

Blk gurl in a


World, having my

Mind swirling, that

I get so


Trying to fight

Blk gurl in a


Mindset, taking

The whites a few


To catch up

Blk gurl in a

Blk gurl world being a

Blk gurl, having

Stereotypes that I fight

Being a blk gurl


Cause even on my lonely days

And in the pourin rain

Just stay away

I don’t need addiction anymore

I don’t need your fixins anymore

No, no, no, no

So don’t hit me with that fake love

Just to try to create one

That ain’t the way it works

I’m too loud and too proud

To get my feelings hurt

Over some bummin’ dude

I’m too bad and too rude for dat

Too hood, I got rules for dat

I’m good onnat

I got goods for dat

I got looks for dat

And I don’t look back

Truth is I need me a real

The type that’ll kill sum’n

Keep a bag in they hands

Cause we both stack bands

Baby make plans

Let’s shock the world

Only us can understand


Could you keep it on lock like Fort Knox

Curry at the shot clock

Crib with the padlock, watch dog

And no more extra

Keep it real with a player

Can’t say I won’t date ya

But I need something deep to keep