Could you keep it on lock like Fort Knox

Curry at the shot clock

Crib with the padlock, watch dog

And no more extra

Keep it real with a player

Can’t say I won’t date ya

But I need something deep to keep


There ain’t never been

There ain’t ever been

Nothing wrong

With some real love


Cause there ain’t never been

Where there’s plenty love

Cause there’s will in love

With the illest O

Cause that’s not your lover

But you’re not just friends

That’s like yo baby

But y’all ain’t no kin

You just gon love them

And that’s what it is

Y’all ain’t gon change up

Too tight for an end

Too tight for an end


Maybe being alone is the easiest

Being at the weakest point

With no one to laugh and join

No one to grab and be pushed away

There isn’t anyone to let you down but yourself

They can’t judge you