You're in a Perfect Arrow Line


You’re in a perfect, arrow line

people, front to back, stand all around you

the moment someone steps out of that

straight line, forcing a slight hump, you

are the outlier, you are the sour taste

on everyone’s bland tongue. The moment

I knew I was out of line with the

rest of my family. Our secluded arrow

line, is when I discovered I hated

sports but I loved storytelling…I

love liberating lonely lives with

lifting words of encouragement. I

made a camel’s hump in the straight

line when I picked up a Stephen King

book and a pen to annotate instead of

a basketball and a jersey. I am here

to tell the audience of distant taste,

that making that change in the “natural”

formation of my family tree, caused a

unbelievable balance, yet understanding

souls I never known existed.

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