Wet Rag


Wet Rag, dripping down on

The floor, it's something you

Can't ignore, like ICE thinking

It's nice to put my Sha'yraa back

We ain't having it

It being scary follow

The red balloon towards

Your secured doom, where

A strange creep called

A clown looks to eat mine

And your dreams

Being mad, made sad

Because your personality

Ain't where it at, but keep

Playing and watch what

Happens and I'm not

Just saying

Your stupid, dumb, slow,

not-smart like those new

Commercials for pop-tart,

Those crusty, dusty, musty

Breakfast food

You a dumb fool, go get

Your tools, before granny

Go old school, it's like you

Too cool to recognize your

Mistakes, that you make

Seem fake, hmph

I can't relate

Tried to keep a straight face,

But like Prince's sexuality,

It's like a heart monitor,

Goes up and down, round and

Round, it isn't safe or sound

Put it on a poster make it


LOUD as clout, like a fire, I

Can't put you out, my weed

Is like the seed of my new need,

To please my feelings, feelings so

Deep in my feelings, that it goes

Beyond the ceilings

Fag, I know the word is as

Horrible as jet lag, keeps me

Up like an old hag, I try to

Relax, keep it straight facts

That I spit what I feel like

Needs to be out like money stacks

Wanna know why boys sag

Because they booty ain't

Juicy, it's their stupidity

In their integrity, like How

It's in their blood, until it's

Their blood that creates a flood

This big juicy lips, from the

Tip of my head down to my hips,

giving me chills, can't be paying

Hospital bills, so use protection,

Trying to surplease my satisfaction,

Creating a fraction

Skin not on skin, trying

Not to lead to a sin,

put your clothes in the tin,

Wash them nice and clean,

Like the washing

Machine, fighting the stained

Feeling in me

Wet lag, wet swag, wet sag,

Wet dog, wet log, wet pussycat,

We spot where she just sat,

Can't laugh because

It's all the things that human

Beings, begins to add up, wet rag