is the feeling you get before a break-up

hearing/reading the words “I don’t know if I

wanna be with you,” which really means “I love

someone else” or “you’re not good enough.” twist is

the feeling you get before you overcome a fear.

twist is having a confidence to speak up. twist is looking

into a mirror or your reflection and loving

who you are. twist is being happy with the number

you see on the scale. twist is overflowing with

emotions without a way of letting it out.

twist is when a tear falls from your eye and

down your cheek. twist is the silence of reality,

and the voice inside your head. twist is making

new friends and realizing there’s a chance

that not all of them will stay in your life.

twist is setting goals you may never reach.

twist is thinking of what to say when people

ask if you're OK, and it breaks a mental

wall keeping you together. twist is the thought

of finding love again. twist is telling him you

want a friendship. twist is letting go. twist is caring.

twist is trust. twist is anxiety controlling my

mind and decisions, constantly loving, constantly

doubting, using my words to hide behind a

girl that’s self-kept. twist is freaking out.

twist is does he hate me does he still like

me. twist is emotionally unstable. twist is emptiness

with stolen innocence. twist is calm down, speak

slower, take a deep breath, breathe,

don’t panic, break the wall.

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