The Cracked Window


gave a contrast of diversity.

One image showed yellow: happiness, pride

Another image green: weathering Envy and jealousy

The blue image: sweet and calm

A wobbled crutch leaned in its gaze

A wobbled crutch that held a boy

his cracked window

only viewed red images—

his view of the world only one colour

the embodiment of a fallen soldier

yet the mindset of a crippled kid

the yellow images faded darker.

Seeing the hatred and war overseas

only changed his perspective

when a yellow or blue image would emerge in his sight

he’d turn it red, he’d force it bright.

His crutch had leaned, snapping its wooden structure

when a pink image emerged

and he saw another man who knew of his puncture.

They help each other, one at a time, fading

their angry red cracked window sights

to happy green; tranquil and solid.

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