That Salty Taste


I hate salt

But I taste it at the weirdest of times

Thinking of somebody that I love

The taste hits my mouth

Thinking of somebody that brought me happiness

The taste hits my mouth

Not seconds, but hours later

Do I realize that I create that taste

That taste is created by the pain

That taste is the sign of pain

I didn’t mean to be in pain

I didn’t mean to show the pain

But, the salty wet drops keep rolling down my cheeks

The tears keep falling

Those tears go on for hours

Not only from the emotional pain from that point,

But the physical pain they cause

My eyes begin to hurt

My head begins to ache

My body begins to feel like it’s shutting down

But, I can still taste

That Salty Taste

I try to taste that Salty Taste only when I’m alone

Because who knows what people will think of me

Who knows what they’ll think when they see the tears streaming down my face

Who knows if they’ll look the other way

Who knows if they’ll try to shut them off

But, just maybe,

It’s not that I’m worried about what they’ll think,

But, the fact that their comfort isn’t enough

Maybe it’s just better to taste that salty taste when I lock myself in my room

Maybe that salty taste of pain is meant to be enjoyed when you’re by yourself

I hate that salty taste


cover art by: LORIELLE

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