She's in love with this one guy, and she says he's amazing. He does everything for her and gives her anything she asks for. She sometimes wonders how they became so close. Maybe it was destiny. Maybe the universe placed them together in this serendipitous way.

Her entire universe was kind of messed up before he crashed into it. It was dark and dead, but now it's brighter and more alive. He makes her feel special like no one else exists in the world but them.

He taught her how to love. He changed her life for the better. Everything's been stellar since he magically emerged.

She loves him more than anyone could love someone. Even though she's always worried that she'll lose him to a demon that wants to return her life back to its previous state. She cries about it sometimes. But she trusts him. She trusts that he'll stay by her side until the end of time. Until the whole universe collapses.

Their love was serendipitous.