Scared is when your mom and her boyfriend are yelling and you don’t know what’s gonna happen to you.

Scared is when you haven’t seen your mom’s check come in and you’re starving.

Scared is when you’re lost walking around your own neighborhood.

Scared is when something you don’t want to happen has a chance of happening and there’s nothing you can do but wait, wait and see what’ll happen whether you want it to or not.

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by TAMARA Cause even on my lonely days And in the pourin rain Just stay away I don’t need addiction anymore I don’t need your fixins anymore No, no, no, no So don’t hit me with that fake love Just to

by TAMARA Could you keep it on lock like Fort Knox Curry at the shot clock Crib with the padlock, watch dog And no more extra Keep it real with a player Can’t say I won’t date ya But I need something