Romance from My Heart


The first wish of my heart

Like the rules to different games of darts

Like a video game you don't know when to push start

The first wish is to recognize me

Don't like to be disguised

Don't want to hide what you truly feel inside

The first wish of my heart is not to cry

Don't lie and say you're OK

Don't try to pass your heart like it's a basketball play

The first wish of my heart is to shoot my shot

Try to score so maybe I won't be ignored

The first wish on my list...maybe it's a kiss

Maybe it's a risk

Maybe in the end I'll be pissed that we both missed

The first wish of my heart

That you weren't as sweet as a strawberry milkshake pop tart

Like Ben and Jen don't make this divorce a dart in my heart

The first wish of my heart

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