Pretty Brown Skin


Pretty brown skin she wish she had But too dark for it so she was bashed The amount of weight she held on her back Three times equivalent to the weight her body packed If she turned around you could tell she’d been lashed So she lashed out Because she took every thing as a threat For pretty brown skin is all she had dreamt Pretty for a dark skin is how they’d compliment So black on black crime goes well together but black on black relationships don’t complement? I don’t date dark skin girls, that’s what comes with men They just wanted her on the side like she was a condiment Somehow she still fell face first for those kind of men Pretty brown skin is all she’d wished If she rolled her sleeves you’d see the cuts on wrists From her sleepless nights Yearning for bliss But instead blistering Her pretty brown skin Could never be pretty enough And no matter how deeply she cut The physical pain she endured would never amount to her emotional agony She couldn’t cover it up I remind her P for pure she wanted to be perfectly pretty R for radiant she glowed ready to be resilient E for ever, everlasting eagerness to be elegant T for tenaciously she toughened T for tender, tender was her skin true like her Y for yearning to forget yesterday’s and just be Pretty again B for beautifully browned R for royal she was, rich in melanin O for original in everything that she is, opulent in color W for warmth she sought to be wholeheartedly worthy N for never forgetting that her melanin soaked skin was natural, nourishing her complexion, never neglecting that Brown is beauty and nobility Pretty and brown Pretty brown skin But underneath it she was sore From internal rips Sufferings she bore Bored of diminishing comments That she was too dark So in her own shadows she hid I remind her Her pretty brown skin Smoother than the cocoa butter she wore Shinier than the Vaseline that coated her tinted lips Thicker than the napped hair on her head or Magical like the fairytales she believed as a kid Painting her like a picture from her core Inside out, she was poetic and vivid From the outside in She’d pour Her insecurities looking for security in men Her eyes blinded her from her beauty outside and within I remind her That is not the attention she needs That her scars and flaws don’t fade her alluring pretty brown skin But instead plead With her to understand That the slits don’t make a difference because all skin bleeds She has pretty brown skin I remind her Her skin needs no fixing To admire her reflection she is something to adore There’s nothing she is missing From the concrete she rose no longer fearing her thorns To no longer long for kissing She is not too dark The sun kissed her more Giving her pretty brown skin

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