Me, Myself, and Spring


I am spring, I always bloom

When the shine comes.

Some people with a cross celebrate my Father’s son rise.

I wear bright colors from March to May

I spring forward and all days get warmer

I march with leprechauns in search for gold

I cry a lot in April feeling like a fool

I may bring flowers, with no more tear showers because

It’s my mother's day.

It’s my thing to never give up

And stand strong like a tulip.

As I see teens wearing my colors

Every year I feel proud and

Happy… it’s prom

The big book says “give unto the lord, o ye mighty, give unot

The lord glory and strengthen”

It says this in the 29th chapter

Of the book of psalms.

Most people put me in second place

It doesn’t matter I have


Each day I march to the april’s fool

To blossom in Jesus way if he


I’ll never lose hope, everyone

knows I'm still here though forever

At last. When I hear winter

Ring. I say hello it’s time cause

I am Spring.