Keep it Gay


Life is pretty gay, everything is

Sweet. Sweet like skittles

Very fruity. Everyone wants to be

Noticed and loved. Most are

Witty and pretty to the max. But

They stay gay. Others are light

And their spirits are bright. Never

Ever complain because they know

This world is full of pain. But they

Don't care because they forever

Keep it gay. Forever they keep.

It glad, making all haters very

Mad. but they never forget to

Keep it gay. No matter what we do

As an entire human race, don’t

Ever complain just simply keep it

Gay. And even if the situation is

Big and it explodes like a bomb.

And you have to probably

Live with dad or mom. What a

Happy ending will pep up your play.

Remember there are two meanings

So everyone is gay. LGBTQ

Loving, Gifted, Blessed, Truthful,

And either Quiet or Qualified. So

Everyone is gay. So be happy and

Keep a happy spirit a gay spirit