I Went to the Store


I went to the store

Just got paid

So I bought a Slim Jim

I paid for it and took a bite Loving the flavor Then the next thing

Falling into a hole

And seeing a huge rat

I reach in my pocket and pull out some hand-sanitizer

With aloe and vitamin E

I put it all over my hands and pet the cat to let it know

That I am a friend

When I friended the cat

The cat let me use black nail polish

Since they were out of white nail polish

Soon as I smelled it

I got addicted

Yes addicted to nail polish

I rubbed lip balm on me to get more of my addiction

The cat got suspicious and bit my arm

I reach for my other pocket and pull out my

Gel pens and stab it

But it turned into a rainbow cat

The cat flew away and I grab a bag

And collect what I lost, my severed hand

And my sanity

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