"I think we will be able to take on anything..."

One of the best parts of the experience at Shortridge was the community we built. No

matter how many or little students showed up to the after-school program, everyone seemed to

be comfortable sharing their pieces and thoughts which made the time spent there very

enjoyable. Not only was it a safe space for any topic, but every student encouraged each other to

read and supported whatever piece they decided to share. Even knowing that this would happen

for me, I was hesitant to get up in front of everyone and read, but I did and I am really happy that

I got up the nerve to do it.

The end of the semester came too quick for me and I am saddened to think about not

going back to the school every week. I really enjoyed becoming apart of the family-like

community at Shortridge, and I am really excited to see how I am able to impact Shortridge from

different aspects of my life and how Shortridge will impact me. Not only did I make many great high school friends, but I also made lots of friendships within the Butler group that I may never have crossed

paths with had I not taken the course.

I think the people I met throughout the semester will impact my future greatly both in

helping workshop my writing and also inspiring me to be a better person. The people I have

surrounded myself with from this semester I feel have shaped me into a better person, mentor,

and friend and I cannot wait to see what else we can get ourselves into. If the group of goons we

are can make it through mentoring high schoolers and having a grand time doing it, I think we

will be able to take on anything.

Melinda Peterson is a sophomore English major.