Different Universe


Look in the mirror at your reflection. What

Do you see or what can you imagine? Take a

Big breath and think what’s the inner

Spirit within you. If you could walk through

The mirror and see an alternate version

Of the world you live who would you be? Would you be a fairy, witch, leprechaun,

Ogre, centaur, or a demigod? Who would

The people around you be. Picture gold coins

For currency and little homes made of

Mushrooms! Picture flying people with wings

Or flying broomsticks instead of Toyota’s!

Would you have magical powers? Do you want to

Read people’s minds or have telekinesis?

Would you have fire power or water power?

Would you use them for good or evil?

Just think would you be a hero or a villain

Cause hope and go on adventures or would

You try to cause world domination

Just look at the mirror at a different