Constellations / Imaginations


I lay in silence underneath the dazzling night. As the cool wind passes over my body, I shiver, yet I smile. I smile from the sweet thoughts of you. I think of all the little moments we've had. Even though they're little, they matter.

I close my eyes, deeply breathing in the cold but refreshing air. When I open my eyes, I look up into the night sky once again, admiring each and every star.

I start to become very tired. My eyes close. This time when I open them, I'm in a different place. I'm sitting on a ledge in space surrounded by stars, Milky Ways, and galaxies.

Just then I feel a hand softly touch mine. Slowly I turn to see and, to my surprise, it's you . . .

My heart rate increases rapidly, but my mind freezes. You look at me with a gentle smile before softly saying to me, "So you were thinking about me, too?"