Color Dependency

by A.J.

A world stuck in grey.

Arid Monochrome Dreary.

The people of the world have been blinded, broken by habit, not knowing

that other, brighter things lie for us if we break the chains of habit and walk


But, we've become blinded by our own habit.

We shed our monochrome darkness upon others.

Then there are those of us who are addicted to color. Most of us want

to wear our colors with pride.

Others want to escape the colors of uniqueness and fit with the greyed souls.

Many of us need color. Without it, we see no purpose in life. It's a mental loop.

Where life feels like it's always Monday.

A drop outside to our greyed world, that's all they want.

Maybe some of us are better off grey. What we perceive as a "normal", an echo

which no one hears.