I am nicotine and you burn me

But crazy thing is that you still smoke me

I am used in insecticides

And I mess up your insides

I can’t even catch a break

So why even try

What if I was alive?

No lie, I’d be your bride

You’d smoke me till to bud

A villainous kind of love

It would be bound into our blood

Toxic, Black lungs

Oh hun,

I only turn to you when I’m stressed or unblessed

God can’t stop me from being depressed

So I use you

Fuse you with a lighter

Sit back into my recliner

Daddy what about second-hand smoke?

Shut up give me that Budweiser


These manufacturers are only persuading you to buy smokes

So that you’re blood pressure becomes pleasure

Addicted to the feeling it gives

I’m a Toxic Crush

Black Lungs

And Death

I’m bad for you love

I’m your cigarette

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