Carol of Spirits

by A.J.

What’s the thing I love most about Christmas?

Do I love getting the most expensive gifts

from friends and family?

Getting the biggest food plate and being greedy?

Waiting in line at the mall to tell Santa

my 300-item list of crap I don’t need?

No. I favor something else.

I love the music, hearing how beautiful people

can sing so elegantly, and the melodies

that people hum, even when it’s August.

I love that people go out of their way

even if they have no money, they have that

Christmas spirit to give and keep giving.

I love that my friends are smiling and

wearing those awful Christmas sweaters,

reading stories and cuddling close, giving tight

hugs and telling us how much they love

you, with cheeks gushing with a red rosy tint

or when that cute couple of friends walk

under mistletoe by accident.

I love cuddling close, and telling stories of

Christmas past by a fireplace, telling our highs

and lows of holidays in our past holding hands

and giving pecks on your significant other’s cheek.

I love the snow and competitive snowman making and

paid attention to detail on their newly created faces, and

sledding, snowboarding and skiing downhill.

I love hanging with family, especially when we don’t fight

we smile and laugh and hug new gifts tightly

telling everyone how much we’ll use a care for it.

I love decorating with beautiful lights around my

home and the wooden props outside my home.

I love taking photos of the animals and

people who love winter running around taking polaroids

of friends who love playing in the snow and jumping and throwing

snow, wearing their fabulous clothing, scarfs and hats.

I love sipping hot coco and hot tea and reading Christmas

stories be jade or watching a winter themed movie, and listening to good music.

I love the people who give up time and money to help

kids and people who won’t get the Christmas they wanted,

who deliver a smile to kids and parents so that everyone

can smile.

I love… Ya know what? I love the spirit.

The fashion

The memories

The friends

The loved ones

The family

The music

The everything…

I love Christmas, and I hope that you all have a good one.

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