Careful Child


Careful child; you’re walking on transparent shadows

They breathe, they think, they attack

Careful child; you imagine too hard.

An imagination leads to happiness and freedome of thought.


Careful child; he has different skin

He must be an animal, he must be an alien. Don’t be friends with it.

Careful child; she likes other girls

She’s not normal. She’ll be sent to the hole.

Rid the world of them…

Careful child; they think speaking their tongue on American soil is okay

They don’t count as human; they count as terrorist; They hate America

Careful child, we would never lie to you

We mean the best for you.

We are preeminent at our system

We care about diversity and human rights.

Careful child, don’t step out of line.

We are watching your every move;

Your every thought is being transmitted and sold to investors for our profit

Careful child.

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