Brown Sugar


Buttermilk caramel.

What is it I have to do?

Honey Nut Cheerio.

Sugar-base bowl.

Anonymous, I'm not

Like I get sometimes.

Strawberry Pop-Tart.

Your hot oven.

Toaster Strudel.

Blueberry muffin.

I guess, confession? Appetite

Means red-velvet truth.

Needing you is like

Needing Frooties when I'm bored.

I need all of you like Pebbles.

Not coffee, Cinnabon icing.

The guns that you kiss.

Makes Hershey bliss Kisses.

Unwraps Twix.

S'mores snaps.

Funny valentine.

Honeydew arms.

Cinnamon-covered dream.

Cookies and Cream ice cream cone.

Birthday cake.


Apple pie a la mode.

Lips glossed

Like lip gloss.

A dozen glazed donuts From Long's Bakery.

Hubba Bubba squeeze

Squeeze the brotha outta me.

Mixing chocolate chip cookies,

Eyes catch my eye.

Stripped disguise,

Enough for imagination.

Ever saw a Cheesecake Factory,

Or is my imagination runnin' too far?

Hiding bread, chocolate cupcake

High off those cocoa

Cotton candy jeans.

A white beater.

Jewelry around my waist.

Strawberry shortcake.

No-dessert deserving is low


Whipped cream float.

Brownie moans.

Oreo truffle.

After church your sundaes

Look forward to

Mondays to Fridays.

Sweetener hangover.

Sour Twizzlers.

Mean Gushers.

Juicy Couture.

Brown Sugar.

Finish you like a cup

Of tea with honey

And lemon,

Feverish and willing.