It was a dark and stormy night, too cold to go out in the rain so why not stay inside huddled by the fire? I was reading a book very peaceful like when I heard a cat’s meow. It was very unusual because my cat died from cancer a year ago and it hurt me very bad so I decided not to adopt any more furry friends. I decided to go investigate because the meowing was coming from the other room. As I got closer the meowing grew louder and louder until finally it stopped, nothing but silence. The room was very dark because I kept forgetting to change the lightbulb in the lamp, lazy me. I examined the room to see if I saw anything unusual but I saw nothing. “BOOM!” A clash of lightning startled me. I jumped right out of my skin. I turned around to go back in the den to read the book when I saw it, it was horrible. Brown from the mud in the front yard, patches of missing fur missing for unknown reasons, his right eye missing from the socket while the left hung from a vein, a piece of his left ear gone with blood running from his nose. It was so horrific I couldn’t do anything but scream with terror. Where did he come from? How did he get inside? I ran down the hall, I didn’t look back, I didn’t know exactly what to do but run. I ran up the stairs but he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I stopped… One last dreadful meow.

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by TAMARA Cause even on my lonely days And in the pourin rain Just stay away I don’t need addiction anymore I don’t need your fixins anymore No, no, no, no So don’t hit me with that fake love Just to

by TAMARA Could you keep it on lock like Fort Knox Curry at the shot clock Crib with the padlock, watch dog And no more extra Keep it real with a player Can’t say I won’t date ya But I need something