Why is food the only thing I can think about right now? I think of food when I wake up. Uhh donuts sound so good right now. While I'm eating breakfast, I think of the next time I'll be able to eat good again. Maybe some McDonald's French fries and Wendy's ice cream. Mmmm. The funny thing is that I have a really small appetite sometimes. Gummy bears are soooo good. Since I'm a picky eater at home I don't get the food I'm wanting. Like yesterday, I wanted some nachos, but instead we had rice. I'm not going to lie—it was good, man.

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by TAMARA Cause even on my lonely days And in the pourin rain Just stay away I don’t need addiction anymore I don’t need your fixins anymore No, no, no, no So don’t hit me with that fake love Just to

by TAMARA Could you keep it on lock like Fort Knox Curry at the shot clock Crib with the padlock, watch dog And no more extra Keep it real with a player Can’t say I won’t date ya But I need something