by ESA

A man that left me so sad

So mad

Caused me to act out, do bad

My dad

Said he was coming to see me

Believe me

My young heart was deceived

Broken time after time

Love declined cause I believed his lies

I grew up

Way faster than needed

I succeeded

But still felt as if I was mistreated

Left behind to die

I ask myself why

He's never here

Oh I fear

I’ll never see him then

But yet again

The cycle starts over

Little girl

Hangs onto his shoulders

Piggyback rides Laughter Amusement

Then he has to leave

And to this day I feel the need

To ask myself why

Cause the phone calls aren’t enough

On FaceTime I’m giving up

Skype can’t heal the cracks

I wish he was here

Oh so close

Oh so near

It’s not fair

They stare

Cause I’m the only one there with one parent

It’s apparent I’m sad

I cry

Cause my dad doesn’t act like a dad

Just a man who calls once in awhile

Just to make me smile

And for a minute I forget

How my life really is

And I fall back into that cycle

Of trust and broken hearts

I’m smart

I’ve learned to never to never twist another man

Cause my dad showed her what they really can do

And I’m not falling no more

That was the last time

I walk out the door

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