2012 Fourth of July


Their eyes, brown to the touch.

Yet when the light hit them,

They were hungry for brunch.

The children, running and playing,

Gazing at the flashing purple

And yellow, the fireworks,

The scent of the gun powder screaming

"Merica!" for blue-eyed entertainment.

The starlike gaze of the brown-eyed children Grew pale and mesmerized as explosions

And colors captivated their souls,

The fireworks teal and pure white dresses.

Dance, the name of the the stray, yellow dog That eats the neighborhood garbage

And uses the world as its outhouse.

He ran away with his companion, the wooden spoon.

They all sang tunes, the Star Spangled Banner

As they triumphed through the neighborhood.

The brown-eyed children too captured By the lines of the flashing works.

They didn't notice Dance, the neighborhood pup,

Stealing their hot dogs and cupcakes riddled

With red, white, and blue.

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